3.1.Multi-disciplinary Project (Group Project) 


 Project description



This project must be realized in English




This project is for IS1 and uses technologies of the Oracle, .NET, and Microsoft laboratories.

If you have any question about this project, you can send an email to these laboratories.


The aim of this project is to install an industrial production server based on Windows 2003 Server R2 and Oracle Database 10g R1.


The authentication of the Oracle users will be made by Active Directory.


A rich client developed with C# (Framework 2.0) will be used to manage Active Directory users, and objects stored in the Oracle database.





The duration of this project is evaluated at 6 Months with probably 110 hours of work.


 Return deadline



May, 20th 2007 4 Pm (GMT +1)


3.2. Individual project


3.2.1. IS1 Java Project   

Project description

This project must be realized in English


EBouffe Corporation would like to sell some food products on-line. So it affords a public web application so that their clients can connect and order from their personal computer.




We want a back-office to administrate products and categories. We have to be able to add/remove/modify categories and products.


Public part:


We want a simple graphical interface for eBouffe’s customers. Customers have to be able to consult products by category. They could also add products in their cart and manage it (remove a product, modify quantity). You don’t need to manage all order processes (validation of cart and order creation …) but you have to create a simple way to summarize the cart (list of products / quantity and total amount).


Project constraints


Use a JBoss Application Server (JBOSS AS)

Use Java language to develop your web application

Evaluative architecture (with layers like View/Application/Services/Data)

Use a database (we advise you to use HSQLDB which is integrated to JBoss, it would be easier for us to deploy it)


Advice: use your own data source (name it like: « group124 » where 124 is the id of your group)

Be careful: you have to create a correct architecture (it’s the main goal if this works).


Return deadline

June, 10th 2007 4 Pm (GMT +1)



3.2.2. Internship project 

Project Description


During this year, you will have to make a training course in a company from 3 to 4 months (1-2 months for Chinese students) during the school’s summer holiday, in order to reinforce the assets which you will have learned. You are asked to conceive a note of Synthesis in hypertext, in HTML (SUPINFO-PROJECTS).


The note of synthesis relates to one of the projects which you carried out at the time of your training course. It acts like a technical or technological synthesis of your project which could be used by other students. You will try to develop the subject in a general manner.


Project Constraints


The format will have to correspond to the rules defined by SUPINFO which are available on the Supinfo-Projects website.

Return deadline

November, 9th 2007 4 Pm (GMT +1)

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