Strategies for keeping your job



1. Making sure everyone knows you. Being a good worker is sometimes less important than making sure that people know you’re a good worker. Volunteer for new ersponsibilities, push your idea, and generally make yourself visible.
2. Learning everything that could help you do your job better. If the company buys new computers, learn how to use them. If learningmore about marketing could help you, take a short course in marketing.
3. Make sure you know everything about the company. And use this knowledge. If you find out that sales is becoming the most important department, try making a move to sales.
4. Being positive. People who find things to complain about are a lot less popular than people who find things to praise.
5. Improve your speaking and writing skills. Having good ideas isn’t enough. You need to be able communicate your ideas.
6. Impress your boss. You can often impress a boss by arriving early and working late and by dressing in a businesslike way even if others dress casually.
In the end, it all comes down to one basic stratege: Make yourself so valuable that the company won’t want to lose you. 
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