Integrating Oracle with the Windows Active Directory

After we have installed Active Directory and Oracle, we have to configure the server to "Integrating Oracle with the Windows Active Directory".
1, Run "Net Configuration Assistant" to create a listener, specify that the default naming method is "Directory Usage".
2, Log off the server and log back on again
3, Create a Database, until we get to the "step 6 of 13" page, when the offer will be made to register the existence of the new database with the Active Directory.
4, Provide a ‘wallet password’ when requested.
5, At Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Active Directory Users and Computers, there is a OracleContext.
6, Add "Oracle Primary MMC Snap-In" into MMC
7, In the MMC, right-click the database and connect it.
8, Right-click the "External OS Users", select "Create…"
9, Select a pre-existing domain user account in the top part of the screen, and by clicking the [Add] button. Click [Next].
10, Assign a profile, a default temporary and permanent tablespace to the new user, and then (optionally) alter the tablespace quotas that the new user is allowed to consume in each tablespace. Than click [Next], and [Finish] to finish.
In the program, we use connection string like this "string ConnectionString = "Data Source=database;Integrated Security=yes";" Here, we use "Integrated Security=yes". That means, if the user now logged onto Windows 2003 system is authenticated by Active Directory, he will also be authenticated by Oracle. And the user’s permissiona are defined by the 10th step above.
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