How to add breakpoints in Xcode?


You must know the normal ways:

  • Click on the line number
  • Paste and add a method name in the Breakpoints window (Alt+CMD+B)

But sometimes you may have a chance to fight with an internal function such as “__NSAutoreleaseNoPool():”. How can we pause it?

Here’s the solution:

  1. Start your debug (CMD+Enter)
  2. Goto the GDB window (Shift+CMD+R)
  3. Go into the debug console (Ctrl+C)
  4. Type “br __NSAutoreleaseNoPool” to add the special breakpoint (Don’t forget to press Enter)
  5. Continue your debug (Alt+CMD+P)
  6. You can also remove the breakpoint in the Breakpoints window (Alt+CMD+B)
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